Heddle Shipyards strives to be a preferred employer in each of the communities where we have operations.

We are building a workplace culture on the foundation of employee engagement and satisfaction. We understand that employees want to be valued, respected and heard. Recognizing that a strongly rooted and engaging corporate culture must be cultivated to thrive, Heddle Shipyards created the position of Vice President of People and Culture in 2019. This executive-level position ensures that the safety and success of our people and our corporate culture is a driver for all business decisions.

At each of our locations, we work towards building a sense of community. Regular company lunches and Town Hall meetings bring all employees together to share information and ideas. We work towards a team environment where critical information is shared at all levels. Management has an open-door policy and we all share a commitment to achieve operational excellence.

We provide attractive benefits and competitive wages to our staff, as well as training and apprenticeship opportunities. By investing in our employees, Heddle Shipyards becomes a partner to help our people build careers.

A steadfast commitment has been made to our workers to provide a safe and secure workplace with opportunities for growth. As everyone works towards Heddle Shipyards’ continued success, we never forget that our greatest asset is our employees.

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