Hamilton Shipyard

For over three decades, Heddle Shipyards’ floating dry docks and production facilities have dominated the waterfront at Pier 14 in Hamilton Harbor.

The birthplace of Heddle Shipyards, Pier 14 is home to our corporate headquarters, our project management and engineering offices, three floating dry docks and our fabrication and machine shops. Located in the heart of the Great Lakes and Ontario’s industrial core, Hamilton Harbor’s strategic location has been a driver in our company’s success.

Floating Dry Dock HM1 250’ x 68’ x 18’ over sill @ 3,000 – ton capacity
Floating Dry Dock HM2 325’ x 93’ x 23’ over sill @ 6,000 – ton capacity
Combined Capacity9,000 ton
Floating Dry Dock Breton Dock142’ x 64’ x 18’ over sill @ 1,000 – ton capacity
Fabrication and Machine Shops30,000 ft2, 2 x 10 Ton Overhead Crane Capacity
Berthage2,100 ft