Heddle Shipyards strives to be a preferred employer in each of the communities where we have operations.

We are building a workplace culture on the foundation of employee engagement and satisfaction. We understand that employees want to be valued, respected and heard. Recognizing that a strongly rooted and engaging corporate culture must be cultivated to thrive, Heddle Shipyards created the position of Vice President of People and Culture in 2019. This executive-level position ensures that the safety and success of our people and our corporate culture is a driver for all business decisions.

At each of our locations, we work towards building a sense of community. Regular company lunches and Town Hall meetings bring all employees together to share information and ideas. We work towards a team environment where critical information is shared at all levels. Management has an open-door policy and we all share a commitment to achieve operational excellence.

We provide attractive benefits and competitive wages to our staff, as well as training and apprenticeship opportunities. By investing in our employees, Heddle Shipyards becomes a partner to help our people build careers.

A steadfast commitment has been made to our workers to provide a safe and secure workplace with opportunities for growth. As everyone works towards Heddle Shipyards’ continued success, we never forget that our greatest asset is our employees.

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May 4th, 2020


As the global situation concerning COVID 19 continues to develop, the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, customers and their families remains our top priority. To date, no Heddle employee has tested positive for COVID 19. We will continue to keep our people informed on any developments through postings and information sessions. Also, we will provide regular updates on our social media accounts because townhall sessions are no longer possible. We will continue to react to this changing situation taking guidance and direction from Provincial and Federal health and government officials.

Heddle Shipyards has been deemed an essential service. We are an important service provider to the marine industry which is a vital lifeline to the Canadian economy. To date, no Federal or Provincial recommendation to cease business operations has been issued and Heddle Shipyards intends to remain operational until such a recommendation is made. Our business and the re-delivery of our customers vessels remains critical to ensuring the health of trade and commerce in Ontario and Canada. Our business also supports the livelihoods of our people and so we are doing everything that we can to stay open without compromising safety. We will evaluate this decision daily as the situation evolves.

Heddle Shipyards has implemented a number of policies and procedures to protect our people, suppliers and customers. These initiatives include:

  1. The creation of a COVID-19 Response Team
  2. Enforcing Screening measures (i.e. questionnaires, infrared temperature scanning and
    interviews) for anyone entering one of our shipyards.
  3. Hiring dedicated personnel to disinfect high traffic areas in the shipyards continuously.
  4. Educating and enforcing physical distancing.
  5. Educating and encouraging increased personnel hygiene
  6. Communicating our new policies and procedures to all employees

Heddle Shipyards is continually monitoring the situation and is responding to new information on an hourly basis. We will continue to adapt to new directives from public health officials and escalate preventative measures as the circumstances change.

Shaun Padulo
President Heddle Shipyards