Screening Questionnaire

Anyone entering one of Heddle’s facilities must fill out the following health questionnaire.

Do not enter Heddle’s facilities without confirmation your questionnaire has been processed and your admittance is approved.

Safety is Heddle Shipyards’ most important project every day.

Our corporate values reflect the importance of our employees’ safety and their wellbeing: Everyone goes home to their families at the end of their shift – EVERYONE GOES HOME. Period.

Message From The President

COVID-19 has changed our lives – both personally and at work.

Since March of 2020, we have all been battling a global pandemic. Heddle Shipyards was fortunate to have been deemed an essential business, so we were allowed to continue to operate when many businesses could not do so. That being said, our decision to remain open was contingent upon our ability to keep our people, suppliers, subcontractors, customers and their families safe. Since the onset of the pandemic, our entire company has rallied to ensure that everything possible is being done to remain safe.

The pandemic is not over.

Across Canada and the world, many families are dealing with loss and hardship as a result of the virus. We must remain diligent in order to ensure our continued safety. Going forward this webpage will be used as a platform to provide updates and direction on how we will continue to ensure our safety in the face of COVID-19.

Thank you to all of our employees who have been on the front lines from the beginning of this ordeal and thank you to our visitors – past, present and future that respect our protocol to ensure our collective safety.

Important Update

December 21

As of 12:01 on December 26th 2020, the Province of Ontario will move into lockdown.  Southern Ontario will remain in lockdown until at least January 23rd 2021.  For information on restrictions, please consult the Government of Ontario’s website.    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

October 5th

As per the Ministry of Health’s requirements, all Heddle employees are required to complete a brief health questionnaire daily, prior to entering a Heddle facility.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact

September 30th

Face coverings are now mandatory at all of Heddle Shipyards facilities.  Please direct any questions or concerns to 

September 18th

The Ontario Government implements new rules limiting social gathering sizes in Toronto, Ottawa and Peel Regions.  Full details of the new regulations are available on the Government of Ontario’s website.  

September 8th

Ontario schools begin staggered return to in-person classes.

Friday July 31st

Niagara region by-law mandating face coverings in all enclosed public spaces takes effect.

Tuesday July 28th

Heddle Shipyards online health questionnaire is now available. If you are visiting Heddle Shipyards offices or facilities for any reason, please use the link below to fill out the questionnaire and await confirmation your admittance has been approved.

Monday July 20th

Hamilton by-law mandating face coverings in all enclosed public spaces takes effect.


In order to protect our people, suppliers, customers and their families, the following procedures have been put in place to mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19 at our facilities.

Face coveringsare now mandatory at all of Heddle Shipyards facilities. 

Travel and Visitors

All non-essential business travel for Heddle employees remains suspended until further notice.

Permission for visitors from international destinations to enter our facilities has been suspended until further notice.

Anyone entering one of Heddle’s facilities must required to fill out a health questionnaire prior.

Visitors and subcontractors are required to have their temperatures checked and undergo a screening prior to entering a Heddle facility.

At Our Facilities

All employees are to be temperature checked prior to entering the offices or worksites before each work-day.

Maintaining six feet separation and social distancing in the offices, workshops and on-board vessels is to be strictly adhered too.

Worksites have been configured and jobs planned to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

High traffic areas such as offices, lunchrooms and meeting spaces are sanitized.

Heddle employees exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 are to stay home and contact Heddle’s People and Culture department immediately.

Hand sanitizer is available at convenient locations throughout our facilities. Face coverings are encouraged and available upon request. Meetings are conducted remotely where social distancing is not possible.

Contact Information

Should you require any additional information about what we are doing to keep our employees and colleagues safe, please contact one of the following HR team members.

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