Executive Team - Heddle Shipyards

Executive Team

The Executive Team at Heddle Shipyards is responsible for executing on the long-term vision and strategy for the company.

The executive team consists of a balanced mix of Heddle veterans and recent additions to the team that have a strong track record of success.

Rick Heddle

Chief Operating Officer

Rick Heddle is the founder, owner and Chief Operating Officer of Heddle Shipyards.

Shaun Padulo


Shaun Padulo joined Heddle Shipyards in 2017 and assumed the role of President in June 2018.

Erick Begin

Vice President Finance & CFO

Erick Begin joined Heddle Shipyards as Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer in October 2018.

Jared Newcombe

Chief Strategy Officer

Jared Newcombe Joined Heddle shipyards as Chief Strategy Officer in January 2021

Ted Kirkpatrick

Director of Business Development and Government Relations

Ted Kirkpatrick joined Heddle Shipyards in 2019 and assumed the role of Director of Business Development and Government Relations in 2020.

Alicia Nash

Director of Project Management

She joined Heddle Shipyards as Director of Project Management in May 2019.

In an effort to support the humanitarian efforts in Ukrainian, we have created a dedicated webpage as a resource for Canadian businesses that would like to help. We will update the webpage daily. We are also developing a plan to support refugees and will share all of the information as we gather it. To access the webpage please go to our https://heddleshipyards.com/ukraine-humanitarian-info/