Simcoe Islander 2 under construction at Heddle Shipyards

Lance Newton was born and raised in Houston Texas and has made Canada his home for the past 20 years. Lance has been with Heddle for about 5 years. He is the Facility coordinator for the past 5 years, started out as a general laborer then became labor supervisor then health and safety and now … Continued

Noah LeBrun Heddle Shipyards Port Weller Dry Docks Shipyard

Noah LeBrun from the Niagara Region of Ontario continues his family legacy. He started at the bottom and is working his way up through the ranks of the yard. So proud of his work at Heddle he takes time out of his day to showcase a new ship build – The Simcoe Islander II.

Krishaun Roopnault Industrial Millwright Heddle Shipyards

Krishaun Roopnault’s Mom immigrated to Canada when he was just two and a half. He grew up in Mississauga but his industrial journey started when he came to the Hammer. He started as a general labourer at Heddle and thanks to the vision and leadership of @ShaunPadulo he is now an Industrial Millwright

Dan Cummings HSSE Manager Heddle Shipyards

Dan Cummings is from just down the street in Hamilton. Seven years ago he started as a driver in the yard and is now the Health & Safety, Security, and Environmental Manager at Heddle Shipyards. A proud new Dad who is “making sure everyone goes home the same way the showed up.”

Tyler Stewart Heddle Shipyards Port Weller Dry Docks Shipyard

Tyler Stewart is the Production Manager at the Heddle Shipyards Port Weller location. He started as an apprentice pipefitter on Canada’s East Coast, did a stint in Oil and Gas out West, and now finds himself in the center of Canada on the Welland Canal. To use his words, “this is not his first rodeo.” … Continued

Josh Pascoe Lead Hand Heddle Shipyards

Josh Pascoe is the Lead Hand at the Heddle Shipyards and hails from a little Gold Mining town in Northern Ontario called Kirkland Lake. He started his journey at the Northern College where he studied welding engineering technology. After a decade in the corporate world he found his passion once again when he “got back … Continued

Chelsea Davis Heddle Shipyards Port Weller Dry Docks Shipyard

Chelsea Davis is a project engineer originally from Newfoundland and Labrador. Chelsea did an ocean and naval architecture engineering degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland Labrador. Her focus is on structural steel work. She started on the east coast in an entry level job she moved up to project engineer and now at Port Weller … Continued