Normally with winter works having long finished and most of our commercial partners firing on all cylinders, the action around the shipyards starts to taper off.  Not so this year, as Heddle Shipyards continues to build on one of its busiest seasons with the award of the CCGS Pierre Radisson dry-docking and refit. The Radisson is scheduled to hit the blocks on June 7th and will remain at Port Weller until the early fall.

“Summer projects are important for the sustainable growth of our company,” said President Shaun Padulo. “They allow us to retain our invaluable workforce during a period that is normally slow. By securing work that allows us to retain a greater number of employees through the summer months, we will be well-positioned for what looks to be a busy winter season ahead.”  

The Radisson project is expected to last the better part of four months and will include the installation of a state-of-the-art, multi-beam, retractable sonar transducer. This equipment enables the Radisson to perform vital oceanographic and mapping services in the Canadian Arctic.  Heddle Shipyards is proud to serve the Canadian Coast Guard and support the men and women who brave the seas and patrol our Arctic waters.