As a busy summer draws to a close and the preparations for winter works begin to take place, Heddle Shipyards is looking forward to an active fall with a number of large and exciting project on the horizon.  None more exciting than the conversion of the MV Clearwater for the Beausoleil First Nations community of Christian Island.  

The 38 meter vehicle transport vessel was purchased by the Beausoleil group and was slated for conversion at Heddle Shipyards.  After confirming the final design earlier this month, the MV Clearwater was put up on dry dock and preliminary assessments and preperations begun. 

What is most exciting about this project is that through our strong relationship with the Beausoleil community, Heddle Shipyards has been able to subcontract parts of the conversion to companies owned by Beausoleil First Nations members.  Bruce Marsden, (above picture) , owner and operator of Bruce Marsden Welding, has been contracted to support Heddle’s efforts and will assume a significant portion of the steel work to be performed during the conversion. “ The MV Clearwater will be a stepping stone to growth and development of the Beausoleil community both on Christian Island and into the surrounding ares” said Bruce Marsden,  “this vessel will open up access to other areas of Beausoleil territory, members of our community will be able to access Beckwith and Hope Island where as in the past it was very difficult to do so.”

The Beausoleil First Nations community is located on the picturesque Christian Island in Southern Georgian Bay.   Although beautiful, Christian Island relies solely on passanger and vehicle ferries to provide the island with supplies and transportation 365 days a year.  That is why the importance of the MV Clearwater cannot be understated and the success of this project vital to the Beausoleil of Christian Island.