For any organization, defining their Mission, Vision and Values is a key element for success. Without the foundation of strong values, encapsulated by a vision, and brought to life by a mission, achieving true success within an organization is unlikely. In the past five years, Heddle has become the largest Canadian ship repair and construction company on the great lakes, and the fastest growing provider of vessel life cycle services in Canada. During the last year, we engaged our people to determine what was most important to them as we continue to grow and succeed. We are proud to unveil the results.


At Heddle Shipyards, mettle matters. Building and fixing ships is in our blood. Our mettle drives us to deliver vessels efficiently, on-time, and we proudly stand behind our workmanship. By delivering on projects, we earn respect and business from our customers which propels us to grow and succeed.

To be recognized as the most reliable provider of ship repair and maintenance services in Canada and to becomes a meaningful partner in the shipbuilding industry. We will exceed industry standards for quality, health, safety, and environmental stewardship – all of which propel us to enduring relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and our people.

We are strengthening Canada’s marine economy by revitalizing ship repair, ship building and marine fabrication capacity in Canada. We fix and build ships that are vital to the success of our nation so that Canada realizes the full potential of the Blue Economy Strategy. Our work enables Canada to protect and revitalize the health of our lakes, rivers and oceans while capitalizing on the emerging economic growth opportunities throughout the sector.

It is through our Mission that Heddle’s Vision is brought to life.



Safety is our most important project every day. Everyone goes home at the end of their shift – period.


Our people are the key to our success. We empower our employees so that they can maximize their potential.


Our work is hard, so we employ people who are not afraid of hard work.


Our customers are the reason that we are in business. We thrive on providing solutions to their complex challenges.


Our future is dependent on a sustainable existence. We employ environmentally sustainable practices to improve the efficiency of our operations and to help our planet.

“Our Core Values were developed by our people. We initiated a Pulse Engagement Survey in 2021 and the direct feedback from that survey solidified our Values. They reflect the ethos of our people; what we bring to the table and the challenging industry we thrive in. The Values are the essence of who we are and although we have set the bar high, I know we have the mettle to live our Mission, Vision and Values”., said Shaun Padulo President of Heddle Shipyards.  

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