Heddle Shipyards utilizes a combination of highly skilled people and unique equipment/assets to provide Vessel Lifecycle Services, specialized Heavy Industrial Fabrication Services and Project Support Services.

Founded in 1987, Heddle Shipyards is a leading ship repair and heavy industrial fabrication service provider. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, the company operates three major shipyards on the Canadian side of Great Lakes and several facilities on the East Coast of Canada. 

Heddle Shipyards employs hard working Canadians who have the knowledge, experience and mettle to service our clients. Our employees are:

  • Welders
  • Electricians
  • Blasters/Painters
  • Millwrights/Mechanics
  • General Labourers 
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • Naval Architects

Together with our management team, this diversity enables us to deliver Vessel Lifecycle Services, Industrial Fabrication and Machining as well as Project Support Services. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Heddle Shipyards continues to provide quality and efficient repair and maintenance services to the domestic and international vessels that trade the Great Lakes.

Bruce Hodgson, St Lawrence Seaway Management Corp, Director Market Development

Vessel Lifecycle Services

At Heddle Shipyards, we believe the best service is provided by working with clients for the duration of their vessel’s lifecycle.

Our Vessel Lifecycle Services include new build construction, maintenance, conversions, overhauls, emergency repairs and vessel recycling.

Heddle Shipyards is well suited to manage your vessel from construction to recycling. Whether you are planning a new build project, vessel life extension or routine maintenance, we will work with you to build a comprehensive long-term maintenance plan that addresses your specific needs and maximizes value. 

Vessel Construction

Over the past 30 years, Heddle Shipyards has methodically built up a robust marine construction reputation in Canada. A wide variety of projects have floated off our dry docks in Hamilton Harbour: from workboats to barges, cable ferries and sub-sea cable-laying equipment. 

As our business has grown, so has our production capacity. With the acquisition of the Port Weller Dry Docks in 2017, Heddle Shipyards is even better situated to take on complex construction projects.   

Repairs, Maintenance, Overhauls and Conversions

Repairs, maintenance and conversion projects have been the foundation of our business since our inception. From emergency repairs to special survey dry dockings and vessel life extension projects, Heddle Shipyards has experience from stem to stern.

Steel replacement, re-powering, structural remodeling and accommodation retrofits are just a few of the areas in which our experienced workforce excels. Large or small, alongside or on the blocks, Heddle Shipyards is ready to take on your most ambitious project.


  • Carbon steel and alloy welding
  • Stainless steel welding
  • Low temperature steel fabrication
  • Brazing
  • Clad welding
  • Non-destructive testing


  • Hydraulic couplings
  • Steering gears
  • Propulsion components
  • Machinery removal and installation
  • Machinery rebuilds
  • Milling 
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Liner/sleeve installations.


  • Temporary shore power connection to vessels
  • Temporary power connection to equipment needed for vessel layups
  • Installation of navigational equipment
  • Generator services
  • Motor services
  • Cable installation all types
  • Transformer installation
  • Breaker services
  • Instrumentation services
  • Transducer installations
  • Cable transit installations
  • Distribution equipment installations


  • Interior carpentry
  • Cabinet and furnishing installations
  • Galley installation
  • Carpet and flooring


Responsible ship recycling is an important component of a vessel’s life cycle. Requiring careful planning and execution, an effective ship recycling process ensures that vessels are appropriately disposed of at the end of their usage life. 

Heddle Shipyards is committed to protecting our waterways through the safe and timely recycling of ships in the most environmentally sensitive ways.

Berthage/Winter Layup

Heddle Shipyards owns and operates four large facilities with water access: Thunder Bay, Ontario; Port Weller, Ontario; Hamilton, Ontario and Sydport (Edwardsville), Nova Scotia. We provide berthage and winter layup services for all sized vessels across the Great Lakes and Atlantic Canada.

Our facilities are conveniently located along major shipping routes and provide vessel owners with a variety of options to strategically locate their vessels for the start or end of the shipping season. From basic layup services to full-scale conversions and overhauls, Heddle Shipyards is your one-stop shop for berthage and winter layups.

  • Shore power
  • Garbage and snow removal
  • Gangway rental
  • Craneage
  • Potable water
  • Sewage removal
  • Repair and refit services
  • Annual inspection support

Heddle Shipyards continues to provide quality and efficient repair and maintenance services to the domestic and international vessels that trade the Great Lakes.

Bruce Hodgson, St Lawrence Seaway Management Corp, Director Market Development

Industrial Fabrication Services

Heddle Shipyards has been able to leverage the knowledge and skills developed by our experience in vessel construction and repair to become a trusted partner in the fabrication of heavy equipment.

Heddle Shipyard’s Heavy Industrial Fabrication Services activities include the fabrication of equipment for the offshore energy sector, civil infrastructure sector, marine infrastructure sector and resource extraction sector (i.e. fish farming, mining, forestry sectors etc.).

Project Support Services

Heddle Shipyards has played a key support role on a wide range of civil maritime infrastructure and construction projects. 

The company’s Project Support Services activities include terminal operations, the chartering and or sales & purchase of assets, support of marine operations (i.e. outfitting & reinstatement of equipment) and leasing of portions of the company’s facilities. In the Great Lakes region, Heddle Shipyards has provided project support services for the sub sea cable industry as well as fabrication, fit-out and reinstatement support for marine infrastructure projects. On the East Coast, Heddle continues to build on a strong reputation with the Oil and Gas industry, providing staging and fabrication services for the commissioning and de-commissioning of offshore platforms.


At Heddle Shipyards, we understand that in the competitive world of maritime commerce, there is not a moment to lose. Our highest priority is to minimize our clients down time.

Whether you require emergency repairs or are planning for the future, our dedicated team is always ready to help find solutions that get you back on the water as fast as possible. At Heddle Shipyards, we pride ourselves on maintaining healthy client relationships. You will always find a Heddle representative ready to discuss your project.

For emergency services call 905-528-2635 ext. 248 or email

May 4th, 2020


As the global situation concerning COVID 19 continues to develop, the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, customers and their families remains our top priority. To date, no Heddle employee has tested positive for COVID 19. We will continue to keep our people informed on any developments through postings and information sessions. Also, we will provide regular updates on our social media accounts because townhall sessions are no longer possible. We will continue to react to this changing situation taking guidance and direction from Provincial and Federal health and government officials.

Heddle Shipyards has been deemed an essential service. We are an important service provider to the marine industry which is a vital lifeline to the Canadian economy. To date, no Federal or Provincial recommendation to cease business operations has been issued and Heddle Shipyards intends to remain operational until such a recommendation is made. Our business and the re-delivery of our customers vessels remains critical to ensuring the health of trade and commerce in Ontario and Canada. Our business also supports the livelihoods of our people and so we are doing everything that we can to stay open without compromising safety. We will evaluate this decision daily as the situation evolves.

Heddle Shipyards has implemented a number of policies and procedures to protect our people, suppliers and customers. These initiatives include:

  1. The creation of a COVID-19 Response Team
  2. Enforcing Screening measures (i.e. questionnaires, infrared temperature scanning and
    interviews) for anyone entering one of our shipyards.
  3. Hiring dedicated personnel to disinfect high traffic areas in the shipyards continuously.
  4. Educating and enforcing physical distancing.
  5. Educating and encouraging increased personnel hygiene
  6. Communicating our new policies and procedures to all employees

Heddle Shipyards is continually monitoring the situation and is responding to new information on an hourly basis. We will continue to adapt to new directives from public health officials and escalate preventative measures as the circumstances change.

Shaun Padulo
President Heddle Shipyards